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Sumner County Severe Weather Shelter Registration Program is free and voluntary.

Disaster Preparedness

We encourage persons and families to prepare for disasters, be it a natural or manmade disaster.

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Winter Isn't Over!

Every year we see how winter weather can impact our state. Ice, snowfall and extreme cold can bring things to a halt. Winter weather can knock out heat, power, and communication services to your home, office and city. But winter weather isn't just cold and heavy snowfall - it's freezing rain, high winds, hail and other conditions too. Exposure to the cold, dangerous conditions on roads, and improper use of heaters are all concerns during winter months. It is important to be prepared for winter weather before it strikes to decrease your risk.
In addition to asking Tennesseans to promote winter weather preparedness through their own outreach channels, TEMA is encouraging everyone to get the word out and help the Whole Community prepare for winter. This toolkit is designed to provide you and your organization with easy to use tools to promote this campaign and help you to support your own stakeholders to take action against winter weather.