Disaster Preparedness

The Sumner County Emergency Management Agency has the highest regard for the safety of all the citizens of Sumner County. We encourage persons and families to prepare for disasters, be it a natural or manmade disaster. As part of the planning process for you and your family, you should consider the types of disaster that your area is most susceptible to encounter. The lovely area we choose to live in; just like the rest of the world, is subject to a few situations that could prove damaging. These disasters include thunderstorms, tornadoes, extreme heat, ice and/or snow storms, and flash floods.

The Sumner County Emergency Management is glad to offer disaster preparation assistance to citizens and businesses. One of the ways we do this is through a “CERT” class that is offered to citizens and businesses and taught by members of emergency services  such as Fire, Police, EMS and Emergency Management in Sumner County. This class is 20 hours in length and will be taught over a period of weeks with classes one or two days out of the week. If a group of neighbors, church or business organizations are interested in participating, the schedule is flexible to the attendees schedule. The curriculum consists of Disaster Prep, Fire Suppression, Light Search and Rescue, First Aid and Triage, Terrorism and CERT, and Disaster Psych. The class will culminate with a mock disaster that will challenge the participant in all these areas of instruction. The class and materials are free to any persons intersted in attending. If you would like more information check out this link “CERT Info“

You can also find several websites that assist you in preparing for disasters, the following websites should be of great assistance:

If you have a group such as a church, neighborhood, work, college or any group of people who are interested in attending a CERT class please contact Deputy Director Johnny Roberson at 615-452-7584 or email sumnercert@sumnerema.org